Reuven Photographing

Sunset Reflection

Monarch in Motion


Foggy Walk to the Baths

Above the Lodge

I have been photographing since a very young age.

Since 1993, I have been carrying a camera anywhere I go. This was way before everyone got a camera built-in to their cell phone.

I’m not a professional photographer and none of my photos are reworked or edited.

My first photo exhibition, titled “Photographing Life”, took place in 2005, in Mountain View, California. Forty-four photos were exhibited.

Since 2008 until today, I have photographed about ten-thousand photos in Esalen, Big Sur, California.

In 2012, I have submitted forty-six of them to a contest. Three of them were selected to be included in Esalen’s new website.

In 2013, six of the forty-six were printed on greeting cards. They are available for purchase at Esalen's Book Store, or by contacting me at or at +1(415)359-7062.

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